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Acoustical Partitions


Open plan environments never need feel overwhelming with our stylish Privacy Partitions. Our acoustical hanging screens fall from the ceiling creating work zones, adding visual privacy while reducing sound reflections and background chatter.

Created using light weight recycled polyester, CNC cut patterns allow line of sight to remain, but with a visual sense of division. Available in 10 unique patterns designed with privacy in mind and virtually unlimited custom surface print colors.

Acoustic absorption in open plan spaces is often forgotten but when properly considered will ensure spaces are fit for purpose and enhance speech intelligibility, increase attention spans and productivity.


Acoustical Partition Specs

Acoustical Partition Specs


  • Acoustical Partitions fall from the ceiling in unique patterns designed with privacy in mind
  • CNC cut patters allow line of sight to remain, but with a visual sense of division
  • 15 Standard Colors
  • UV stable and resistant to color fade
  • Partitions improve internal environment by lowing reverberation and background chatter
  • Create breakout zones in large open plan areas or use as a feature element or subtle backdrop


Content: 100% Polyester
Surface Finish: Distinctive finished framework with mitered corners
Colors: A wide range of designs and colors
Thickness: Approx. 90mm
Environmental Information: Environmentally conscious product with recycled material content and no added chemical binders


Click here to view the Acoustical Partition colors.