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Infection Control Flooring


Grabo Silver Knight is a low-maintenance, never wax, trouble-free flooring. Due to the photocatalytic reaction, the surface energy is increased so dirt adheres less and is easier to remove resulting in use of less cleaning products. Grabo Silver Knight is active round the clock, 24/7, and helps to reduce microbial contamination in between cleanings.


Infection Control Specs

Infection Control Specs


Construction: Silver Knight on Diamond Tech Construction Silver Knight on Acoustic 7 Construction
Construction: compact heterogeneous heterogeneous
Total Thickness: 2,0 mm 3,2 mm
Wear Layer Thickness: 0,7 mm 0,7 mm
Width of Roll: 2 m 2 m
Length of rolls: 20 m 20 m
Total Weight: 2,8 kg/m² 2,6 kg/m²
European classification: Class 34/43 Class 34/42
Abrasion Group: T T
Residual Indentation: 0,1 mm 0,2 mm
Dimensional stability: max 0,2 % max 0,2 %
Slip resistance: R9 R9


Nominal Dimensions: Silver Knight Diamond Tech Silver Knight Acoustic 7
Roll Width: 6’6″ or 2 m 6’6″ or 2 m
Roll Length: 66′ or 20 m 66′ or 20 m
Weight: 5.16 or 2.80 4.79 or 2.60
Overall Thickness: .079″ or 2 mm .126″ or 3.2 mm
Wear Layer: 28 mil 28 mil
Seaming Method: Heat or Chemical Weld Heat or Chemical Weld