Kenmark Interiors

Travertine Panels


Each panel consists of 100% natural stone. The stone is quarried from around the world and has an abundance of appearances and distinctive characteristics. Panels are available in many colors of marble, travertine, onyx, agate, granite and semi-precious stones.


Travertine panel Specs

Travertine panel Specs


These thin stone panels are suitable for a wide range of applications, not just for their unique aesthetic but also their high strength, lightweight and low installation costs. Common uses include exterior walls, bath and shower panels, wainscoting, feature walls, tables, flooring, ceilings and fireplace surrounds.


  • Extremely durable – 10x stronger than slabs
  • 1/6 – 1/3 the weight of traditional stone slabs
  • Average of 3lbs per sq ft
  • 100% natural stone – 3mm with additional backing
  • Grout-less, pre-sealed and waterproof
  • Large panel capability 60″ x 95″
  • Finished edges
  • Sustainable – Supports Eco lifestyles
  • Optional back-lit features with custom made LEDs
  • Patented process
  • Rust-proof alloys
  • 25-year warranty

Standard Sizes:

  • 48″ x 96″ (1220mm x 2440mm)
  • 60″ x 96″ (1524mm x 2440mm)