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Wall Protection

MirroFlex decorative thermoplastic wall protection products are durable, long lasting and easy to clean.

Deeply textured, these 3-dimensional panels are fused to its substrate utilizing several proprietary techniques are impact, chemical and stain resistant and are easy to fabricate and install. Available with a protective peel coat and pressure sensitive adhesive backing.

This product line offers design flexibility and is available in multiple sizes, suitable for walls, wainscoting, ceilings, backsplashes, furniture, display fixtures and other interior design applications.

Flat Sheets

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MirroFlex Structures

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MirroFlex Flat Sheets can be used to create some very dramatic design effects, including the ability to be die cut to almost any shape needed (furniture parts, moldings, tables, etc.), and the ability to be bent and used on a wide range of curved surfaces from soft, easy bends to column wraps of relatively small radii. They can be flat-laminated or profile-wrapped to various substrates.

MirroFlex Structures are a composite thermal plastic fire-retardant material with embossed designs and thermally infused color added for effect. More simply put, Structures is a line of dimensional, lightweight, affordable, and wow-inspiring decorative surfacing. MirroFlex Structures are excellent for signage, store fixtures and contemporary casework. The perforated metals are popular for cabinet doors or as a secondary surface where the self adhesive back allows them to applied to most any existing surface without worries about glue showing through the sharp round or square holes. Finishes include all popular brushed and polished metallic finishes, many woodgrains, marbles, granites, specialty finishes and solid colors.