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Acoufelt Acoustical Products

Browse a collection of acoustical solutions from the world leader in acoustics –Acoufelt. Acoufelt offers endless color options, custom graphics, graphic prints, and custom cut-outs for a variety of ceiling, floor, and wall products. Browse through the collections below, request samples, and be inspired. For custom design, contact a sales representative at [email protected] 

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WoodBeQuiet Panels

WoodBeQuiet is the synchronization of visual beauty, superior sound absorption and environmental sensitivity. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Three become complete in one; past, present and future aligned.

Fracture Panels

Fracture Chevron is a rigid acoustic panel that features a bevelled ‘chevron’ groove design. Fracture panels are available in a wide range of full colors, and are appropriate for both wall and ceiling applications.

Ceiling Products

Available in all Acoufelt colors | Acoufelt offers various baffle and cloud acoustical solutions. Acoufelt baffles are designed to be suspended vertically from the ceiling in a linear repeated arrangement. Combatting echo and noise reverberation, the strategic placement and configuration of baffles can be designed and installed specifically to cater to the unique acoustic needs of the space. While ceiling clouds are suspended horizontally, they offer the opportunity for targeted sound absorption in specific areas that may be acoustically problematic.

Creative Cut Screens

Available in all Acoufelt colors | This screen collection represents an assortment of six hand-selected patterns cut from a FilaSorb™ acoustic panel for glass and hanging applications.

Acoufelt Colors

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