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Not Your Grandma’s Ceiling Tiles

When Androvett Legal Media & Marketing, a direct marketing company in Dallas, Texas, was looking to christen its new Uptown office with an interior designed to impress, it was time to go all out. Wanting to create a unique experience for their clients, the designers [...]

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Educating on Installation

Houston Community College has been consciously designed to facilitate the collision of ideas and concepts, By creating synergy between different kinds of spaces and learning opportunities, HCC students, faculty and staff find a home for innovation and learning like never before. So needless to say [...]

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Did you Know… Kenmark Interiors is as Valuable as Drywall.

It’s hard to imagine the construction industry without the use of drywall— it has become one of the most prevalently used construction materials on the market today. Drywall has become a standard in building and serves as the bones of our spaces.

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When Looks Matter

There are few other industries where aesthetics make or break a business like in the hospitality industry. Just think about it— the first thing you want to know about a hotel you’re thinking about booking is what it looks like.

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Did You Know… Experience is Crucial to the Retail Industry

How we sell things has changed dramatically in the last 100+ years. Do you realize that if we were living in 1900 we would be walking down the street to what we would call a “convenient store” to buy all of our groceries?

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