Can I Get an Amen?

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When the project is a place of worship, designers know where to come when they’re looking to set the tone for their client’s services by transforming the look and feel of their building interior. Austin Baptist Church was looking to dress up a two and a half story wall with a warm and inviting wood paneling system. Their goal? To not only accent the already breathtaking architecture present in their Family Center, but to also have the feature wall make a statement in and of itself.

To do that, they needed to partner with a company that would not only be able to source top-of-the-line product, but also have the know-how to install it correctly and beautifully— as it turns out Kenmark Interiors was a “heaven send”. We have been delivering inspiration through inspired products and execution for over 30 years. Here, we supplied the Austin Baptist Church project with gorgeous, custom pre-stained, reclaimed wood and seamlessly installed it. But to create the aesthetic the client was curating, Kenmark Interiors had to thoughtfully plan out the install.

While installing this sort of product you have to be aware of how you cut each panel. Otherwise, you can get a look that is too organized and sets a stuffy tone. To truly take advantage of this product’s beauty, you have to install it at different lengths and piece it together like a puzzle. This is where the Kenmark Interiors difference makes a big impact. Because we supply architectural products that provide flexible solutions and turn-key installation services, we ensure your project is worthy of an Hallelujah.

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