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How we sell things has changed dramatically in the last 100+ years. Do you realize that if we were living in 1900 we would be walking down the street to what we would call a “convenient store” to buy all of our groceries? And clothing? No one would even think of buying them, you made them all! We can thank the catalog and department stores for pushing us out of that era in the 1940’s all of which were made possible by the automobile going mainstream— We forget just how much our vehicles make modern day commerce possible! But it wasn’t until the baby boom and the explosion of suburban areas that the malls and shopping centers we know and love today came onto the scene.

Even today, we have moved passed the traditional storefront. Now brick and mortar establishments aren’t only competing with neighboring stores but with online storefronts— and how do you compete with the convenience of shopping from your couch? You make the experience worth the trip out of the house. Retail stores have gone to major lengths to keep customers coming back with striking visuals and streamlined purchasing. Just think about it— what are the things that keep you coming back to your favorite stores?

We’ve gone from walking down to the neighborhood corner store to pushing a button on our phones to get the products we need. So it’s no surprise that the shopping experience has changed with the evolution of retail— More than ever, creating an “atmosphere” for shoppers to enjoy is critical to ROI. That’s where having a partner like Kenmark Interiors is crucial. When it comes to designing fixtures and retail displays that create a moment of impact, innovative manufacturers rely on Kenmark Interiors. That’s called winning at the point of sale. And our customers like winning with us.

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