Did you Know… Kenmark Interiors is as Valuable as Drywall.

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It’s hard to imagine the construction industry without the use of drywall— it has become one of the most prevalently used construction materials on the market today. Drywall has become a standard in building and serves as the bones of our spaces, but drywall hasn’t always been the hotshot it is now. Let us take you on a walk down memory lane and show you just how far the industry has come.

Before the age of drywall, our construction crews were stuck with the traditional lath and plaster, but hey, it was better than the ancients’ bricks and mud. Yet, using lath and plaster took a significant time and slowed down crews in the building process. That is, until the U.S. Gypsum Company brought drywall onto the market 1916, and nicknamed it “Sackett Board” after its original inventor. But even then, the material looked very different— Did you know that drywall was first sold in the form of small, fireproof tiles? Probably not, because within a few years “Sackett Board” had to evolve to become more useful to builders or risk becoming irrelevant. The small tiles became larger sheets of multi-layer gypsum and paper, resembling something like we know drywall to be today.

It would take another 25 years for the industry to begin to notice the benefits of using drywall, putting the material at risk to disappear altogether. But, in the 1940’s people finally started to take notice and the material quickly became a building standard earning ample praise.

Drywall’s easy installation, economical price, and fire resistance make it extremely valuable in construction— Just like a trusted partner, like Kenmark Interiors, is in the building process. At Kenmark Interiors we pride ourselves on the work we do with all facets of the architectural industry, including Contractors and Tradesmen. Have you tested our value? If not, let us show you just how much we can do— We just might be more than you bargained for.

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