Did You Know… Kenmark Interiors is More Like an RV than You Might Think

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Planning a cross country road trip? Well, before you hit the road in one of today’s decked out RVs, let us shed a little light on where these amazing vehicles came from and what goes into making them.

Covered Wagons were the original inspiration for RVs. They were used throughout Europe in the 19th century by  gypsies and caravans that moved from place to place living out of their wagons. Well, the idea of a portable home was so popular that it stuck around and in 1910 the first motor homes made their debut in North America, though it wasn’t until the 1920s that the RV we know and love today stepped into the spotlight.

The first RVs were built by hand, taking hours to perfectly outfit with all the comforts of home while also ensuring that each passenger would make it safely to their destination. Today RVs may not be produced by hand but they do not lack the hand-crafted feel. For example, just take Newell Coach— they hand pick every product that they place into their luxury motor homes, and believe us, Newell Coach does not cut corners when it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere for their customers’ adventures— we supply them a palette of inspiring ideas including fingerprint-free ultra-matte laminate, refined Full-Color and Full-Wood HPL material and reclaimed hardwood flooring.

Today’s RVs take living out of your car to a whole new level— and to be honest, we wouldn’t mind living out of one of these coaches! They provide an all inclusive solution to road trips, kind of like Kenmark Interiors multi-faceted architectural product solutions. Whether you are looking for design input, installation professionals, or just a supplier— Kenmark Interiors does it all, and we are eager and ready to help you make your vision a reality

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