Did You Know…. LEDs Keep Your World Lit.

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Light emitting diodes or LED lights keep our worlds spinning in more ways than we realize. From remote controls to calculators LED lights are part of our everyday, but they haven’t always been that way. Did you know a single LED light used to cost upwards of $200? Because of the cost, using LED lights was reserved for highly professional laboratories. It was’t until Fairchild Semiconductors used a planar process in production of semiconductor chips that LEDs came onto the commercial scene. With the change in the production process cost dropped to only a nickel per light.

Once LEDs were made affordable their use sky rocketed, which is understandable when you look at their advantages: They emit more light per watt that incandescent lamps, they are much smaller, their on/off time is much shorter than of the other types of electric light sources (they are quick), their lifetime is much longer and they are much more difficult to damage. These are exactly the reasons why Kenmark Interiors has added a brand new product line of LEDs to our already extensive collection.

Let us introduce you to Diode. The Diode LED product line was created to support the needs of contractors, architects, electricians and lighting design professionals. With the sole focus of delivering high-quality and complete LED lighting solutions, Diode has designed and engineered products to be the highest performing in the industry in color consistency, high quality color-rendering (high CRI and R9/R14 values), heat management and more. This new product line is consistently disrupting market trends and bring inspired execution to your most inspired designs— Keeping you at the top of your game.

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