Did You Know… The ALICO Building was a Trailblazer, just like Kenmark Interiors?

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In 1909 a company was formed— Their mission? To change the face of the insurance industry. Amicable Life Insurance Company was chartered on April 2, 1910. Not only did they change the face of their industry but the skyline of America.

Any Fixer Upper fans out there? If you’ve seen even one episode of this popular HGTV show, you’ve no doubt been introduced to the Waco-famous ALICO building. What you probably don’t realize is in its day, this building was revolutionary. As the tallest building west of the Mississippi from 1910 until 1929, the ALICO paved the way for modern day building methods to be used in what used to be the “edge of civilization”.

Before its completion, the refinement of the steel industry and enhancement of building construction, along with the development of elevator systems was only being put to use in city centers— Even though during the 1890’s it had become the trend for corporations to identify themselves with distinctive headquarters and provide office space for others with grand edifices.  The ALICO made a way for other businesses located outside of the “norm” to make a statement and name for themselves in the “wild west”.

Looking to do the same in your latest project? Our team at Kenmark Interiors works with Architects, Designers and Contractors from design inception to final installation and beyond. Our Guarantee? To deliver exceptional service, expert knowledge and inspired execution to make your statement as bold as it can be.

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