Did You Know… Wood Construction Predates History?

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Wood is the most commonly used building material, making it’s presence known not only in the construction phase but throughout the designing and finishing stages. But you’re not surprised— Wood is a pretty standard material, right? Well, maybe not. Let us take a minute to show you just how revolutionary this “simple” product has been.

We’ve been using wood for a long time. A really long time— Did you know that the use of wood as a construction material predates written history? The earliest evidence of wood construction comes from a site near Nice, France, where a series of post holes seems to indicate that a hut 20 ft wide by 50 ft long was built there 400,000 years ago using wood posts for support.

Since the dawn of history, wood has been used in our structure, maybe you could’ve guessed that one– but what about that wood flooring we all love the look of? Well, hardwood floors had a not-so-humble beginning. Only the wealthy and royal enjoyed the comfort of wood flooring, the rest of the population was stuck with dirt floors. These wood floors came at a price, though. These first floors were hand-scraped and literally “sanded.” The workers who installed the floors would lay down rough hand-hewn timbers and use hand tools to smooth the flooring before bringing in handfuls of sand that they used to rub on the floors until they were as smooth. Talk about elbow grease.

The “New World” was different, though. During the Colonial Age, there was an abundance of timber to be used, and thus, wood structures, wood floors, and wood decor became the standard in homes and businesses. Through the years, construction and building materials have diversified to give us a little more variety than just wood, wood and more wood, but we can probably thank the colonies that wood became so prevalent.

Today we see wood diversifying even more, popping up as panelling, furniture, lighting fixtures— it’s scope only limited by the time designers have to dream up the next cutting-edge use. Wood has come a long way since the beginning of history, and so have the products architectural professions use– So don’t be limited by your products, be propelled by them and let Kenmark Interiors show you just how far you can go.

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