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With Kenmark Interiors you won’t only find top of the line products— you’ll find inspiration. See the future; that’s exactly what your clients demand, right? As an architect and designer they look to you to know what’s innovative, what’s next, what designs and materials will make the most of their investment and what will last the test of time.

So don’t be held back by product lines. Be propelled by them. From conceptual design to value engineering, sourcing is a core Kenmark Interiors activity. Our products, many of which not only contribute to LEED certification, but are also Healthy Products, are sure to inspire creativity and add significant value to your projects. But our inspiration doesn’t stop at the drawing board— No, with Kenmark Interiors products, you’ll create a space that sets the tone for innovation for years to come.

At Kenmark Interiors we offer an array of unique product lines that find their true value in their exceptional performance. Be assured, you won’t find anything “vanilla” in our storehouse, like you might at a big box company. Here, we encourage diverse design to feed our architectural and design partner’s creativity. Sound like something you could use more of? Then let us help!

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