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When you set out to push the bar higher in the luxury market, we know you want to partner with vendors that will rise to the occasion— not undermine the project’s success— and with Kenmark Interiors you can rest assured that our exceptional service, expertise knowledge and inspired execution will be just as luxurious as the space you are creating.

You see, at Kenmark Interiors we don’t cut corners, which means sometimes we may be a little higher than our competitors, but the finished project shows our worth. Often times, our wider perspective of possible solutions means we can provide higher grade products along with turnkey installation services. In the specifying phase, it’s critical to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Since 1983, Architects, Designers and Contractors have trusted Kenmark Interiors for custom architectural products, resilient flooring, acoustical systems, automated shades, flooring, wall panels and much much more.

For example, a major project has just broken ground and will become one of the most high-end commercial and residential buildings the Dallas skyline has ever seen. With a building of this stature only the best products and design make the cut for installation, that’s why we submitted a bid to install and supply the very best Lutron Automatic Shades.

Throughout the bidding process, we were told that another competitor had bid the same service at nearly half the cost— we knew that this couldn’t be accurate. So after discussing the project in detail, we discovered that the competing bid had proposed using one 15 ft shade to cover three 5 ft. windows— doesn’t sound fitting for a lux project and for that matter: How does one get a 15ft shade up 50+ stories? After seeing our plan to truly provide a luxury environment for future tenants the decision was easy: Award Kenmark Interiors the project. We believe that if you are looking for a partner to raise the bar with you, then the decision will be just as ea

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