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Ultra-Thin, 100% Natural


At 1/3 the weight of traditional stone — our panels are made up of a front layer of thinly cut real stone adhered to unique backings using a patented process that creates an extremely strong and light-weight stone-faced structure that is easy to handle and installs faster than traditional stone panels.

Quarried from around the world our marble, travertine, onyx and granite panels have all the distinctive characteristics, natural beauty and color of traditional stone slabs without the weight.

Available Backers Include

  • High-Strength 3mm thick Aluminum Composite Polymer laminated to a 5mm stone layer (8mm total thickness) create a lightweight panel ideal for use for wainscoting, backsplash and bath/shower panels.
  • Our 1mm thick Fiberglass Cloth Epoxy back laminated to 7mm stone has is strong enough for interior and exterior use. This product is use for floors panels, wall panels, fireplace facing and exterior wall panels.
  • Using PVB engineered plastic translucent stone panels in Onyx, Agate and Marble are ideal for your backlighting projects. Laminated to a 3mm PVB backing designed to be used with 5mm onyx and translucent marble for both transfer of light and strength. Tempered glass backing is used for floors and two-sided applications.


Marble Selection
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Agate Stones

Agate Selection
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Recycled Crystal Glass

Translucent Stone

Back Lighting


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