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Have you ever enjoyed a meal at Chili’s? Well then, we’re happy to say we helped host you! We’ve had the opportunity to help create the fun and friendly atmosphere for thousands of guests’ dining experiences all over the country thanks to our partnership with Chili’s. Just look around next time you’re in Chili’s. See that feature wall? Kenmark Interiors. Even some of the decor items with the Chili’s logo, also Kenmark Interiors.

As a Chili’s supply chain manager, Kenmark Interiors ensures that every re-imaging project has the product they need exactly when they need it. Chili’s relies on us to deliver on time with premier architectural products. Our logistics process reduces obsolescence and cost, meaning Chili’s doesn’t need to stock items. In fact, we have become quite the well-oiled machine when it comes to their continuous remodels. It’s as easy as sending us a rolling list of what remodels are being done and where, and we make sure they’re set to go on schedule.

So next time you head to a Chili’s restaurant for good food and good times, know that Kenmark Interiors is also working behind the scenes to make sure your experience is a great one. And, if you don’t mind, do us a favor and tell the manager how great the restaurant looks.

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