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There are few other industries where aesthetics make or break a business like in the hospitality industry. Just think about it— the first thing you want to know about a hotel you’re thinking about booking is what it looks like. The appearance and feel of a hotel actually adds to the value of a guest’s experience, so who you work with to create this atmosphere matters. At Kenmark Interiors, we fuel the creativity of your designs with a wider array of products and boost the execution of your project with expert installation services. For hotels, we make sure they stay as plush as the day they opened. Just ask The Cambria Hotel in Southlake and The Reunion Tower in Dallas.

The Cambria Hotel now boasts one of a kind headboards custom fabricated for them by Kenmark Interiors. The design came to us as a concept that would require digitally printing on a wood paneling system. Complicated right? Not a problem with us. We brought their vision to life with an economical and efficient plan. Our wider perspective on possible solutions meant Cambria’s designers could realize their vision without breaking the budget.

But with Kenmark Interiors, customers get more than just incredible designs. We make sure customer experience is unmatched. We’ve been holding the bar high for Reunion Tower for years now— we’re happy to execute routine improvements to products that have been well-loved and worn down throughout their suites, but specifically when it comes to their ballroom shades. There have been countless times we have remedied issues that unexpectedly came up with their automatic shades in the same day they’ve called. By delivering exceptional service, expertise knowledge and inspired execution, you get the five-star experience with Kenmark Interiors.

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