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Valchromat is an evolution in MDF. By impregnating each individual wood fiber with organic dye, Valchromat is a wood fiber panel colored throughout, ideal for CNC Routing and creating 3D designs.

Combining the natural features of wood with individually colored fibers, Valchromat is a true innovative in MDF.


Valchromat Specs

Valchromat Specs


  • 30% stronger than traditional MDF
  • Color throughout the core
  • Scratches can be removed with just a light sanding
  • No Edgebanding required
  • Easy to Machine with traditional woodworking tools
  • Colored with non-toxic organic dyes; Formaldehyde emissions are below 0.1pmm
  • After machining requires little or no sanding, reducing labor costs
  • Finishes like wood and accepts varnish (matte, glossy, water-based polyurethane, waxes and oils


Click here to view the Valchromat colors.


  • Decorative Panels
  • Restaurant, Bars and Hotel
  • Exhibition and Tradeshows
  • Retail Fixtures


Content: 100% wood fiber panel colored throughout
Density (+/-30): Kg/m3 850 to 740
Swelling (24 hours): % 2 to 7
FSC and PEFC: Chain of Custody certification to supply FSC or PEFT certified by request
Colors: Light Grey | Grey | Black | Chocolate Brown | Yellow | Orange | Red | Violet | Blue | Mint Green
Finish: finishes like wood and accepts varnish (matte, glossy, water-based polyurethane, waxes and oils)
Dimensions (mm): 2440 x 1220 | 2440 x 1830 | 3660 x 1220 | 3600 x 2400
Thickness (mm): 8 | 12 | 16 | 19 | 20
Fire Rating: Certification of conformity CE 1328-CPD- 0188 Class B-s2,dO
FMC FSC Forest Management Certification
CARB 2 Certification Formaldehyde emissions are below 0.1pmm, Valchromat CARB 2 certified certificate available upon request