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Acoustical Solutions

The acoustical design of a space dramatically impacts the experience of any performance, presentation or event. Great acoustics help ensure a space can function as it is intended.

In large classrooms, good acoustics make it possible to hear the lecture from any seat. Parishioners can experience the power of the voices in a church choir, without echo. With good acoustics, a space can even accommodate very different uses. Imagine a cafetorium that is able to both manage the lunchtime roar and project those tiny voices out into a Holiday Concert crowd.

Acoustical design of a project – whether planned or haphazard – rarely has a neutral impact on the space. While great acoustic design can create an exceptional aural experience or more flexible multi-use spaces, poor acoustical design can be quite detrimental. Unmanaged sound bouncing around in a space can be distracting and even uncomfortable for audiences.


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Acoustic Baffle Systems by Autex, EzoBord, OWA and Zintra are easy to install alternative to traditional suspension ceiling systems. Acoustic Baffles work together to create attractive visual effects and are ideally solution for managing sound reverberation in large noisy spaces.

Kenmark Interiors offers a range of prefabricated and custom designed wall mounted Blade Systems. Combining aesthetic appeal and acoustic performance these systems are supplied ready to install with minimum fuss. A great advantage of the vertical blades is the increased surface area that is presented to the room resulting in a greater absorption of sound compared to flat panels.

Acoustical ceiling tiles manufactured by OWA and ATI are available in a wide variety of patterns and colors. OWA system are available with integrated LED lighting combining aesthetic appeal an acoustical performance.

Uncompromising in performance and available in a wide range of design options. This new generation of ceiling systems is highly adaptable, distinctive and especially effective in managing sound reverberation in very large rooms. Manufactured for Kenmark Interiors by OWA, Zintra, Ezobord and Autex.

Work Zone Dividers are a great way to absorb sound and enhance speech intelligibility while adding privacy and style to an open office floor plan. Work Zone Dividers can be ordered in 15 standard Kenmark Interiors colors or in virtually unlimited custom surface print colors. Also available with printed team branding.

Available in 1/2″ and 1” thick solid core polyester and 1” to 2” fabric wrapped fiberglass wall panels are the ideal solutions for spaces with reverberant noise problems. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, or completely customizable for specific design applications.