Eco friendly panels made from reclaimed hardwood.

Finium, Friendlywall panels are made from reclaimed hardwood that has been cut to pieces, allowing the most advantageous use of every bit of hardwood and dramatically reducing waste typically associated with the production of hardwood. It meets both LEED and Green Guard norms.

Manufactured using selected hardwood, Friendlywall panels inspire designers and architects. With a variety of wood collections, the wood paneling can harmonize with any decor and impart modern yet natural moods to any home or commercial project. From the dark rich tones of the AMADEUS CLASSIK COLLECTION to the sensitive warmth of the stained maple panels in the BAKER CLASSIK COLLECTION, Kenmark Interiors can find you the right product to complement any space. If you’re looking for natural tones varying from golden brown to darker wood, look at the WALNUT CLASSIK COLLECTION.

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