Eco-friendly, Ultra-thin 100% Natural Stone Panels for Wall and Floors

Thin Stone panels consist of a front layer of thinly cut 100% natural stone and a high-tech backing that is engineered to make the finished product 800 times stronger than ordinary slab stone.

Options for backing material include aluminum composite polymer (ACP), translucent acrylic, fiberglass, and honeycomb. The result is an ultra-thin, grout-less stone product that’s indistinguishable from solid stone.

Thin Stone panels are ideal for backlighting projects. Whereas solid stone is typically opaque, translucent stones like onyx, agate and certain types of marble allow for light to easily penetrate. PVB backing provides superior strength for custom LED backlighting applications to create one-of-a-kind framed art that can be the focal point of any space.