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Hear the one about the 3 Italians who got together for lunch? They all made premium laminates and decided to distribute them through Kenmark Interiors.

Designers, you won’t find anything “vanilla” when it comes to our decorative laminate collections. Our high-pressure laminates offer an enormous range of textures, finishes and colors not offered by the industry behemoth down the road.

  • Solid Colors, Wood Grains, Stone Patterns and Pearlescent designs
  • Speciality Products including Chemical Resistant Laminates, Solid Core Laminates, Anti-Bacterial Laminates, and Marker Board Laminates
  • Marble, granite, onyx and other stones with a natural feel and more metallic HPL laminates with innovative finishes
  • Decorative laminates inspired by precious woods combined with finishes that recreate the look of wood

For fabricators and mill shops Kenmark Interiors has a large inventory on-hand for delivery when you need it. Delicate and romantic, energetic and strong, our palette of high-pressure laminate products will surprise you.

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