Acoustical Solutions, Healthier Design

When people hear the word “health,” its antithesis, “illness,” often comes to mind. But health is more than the absence of illness. The United Nations defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or [...]

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Solutions for Improving Acoustic Quality in Any Space

Are you looking for an innovative or custom solution that will help to absorb or diffuse sound in your space, improving your acoustic quality? At Kenmark Interiors we work closely with our clients to develop and install acoustical solutions that can be used to mitigate [...]

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Innovative Acoustical Solutions for Purposeful Design

Kenmark Interiors is committed to developing innovative solutions to your architectural and design project. Serving a variety of markets, from tenant interior , education, and healthcare, to the performing arts, restaurants and hospitality sectors, there is no undertaking too complex or inventive for our experienced [...]

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Did You Know…. LED Lights Make Your Gems Sparkle

To get that perfectly set solitaire ring and delicate string of sapphires to fly off the shelves and onto the fingers, necks, and wrists of customers, jewelers know they must display them properly. This is why they are employing the power of LED lighting.

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