Did You Know… The ALICO Building was a Trailblazer, just like Kenmark Interiors?

In 1909 a company was formed— Their mission? To change the face of the insurance industry. Amicable Life Insurance Company was chartered on April 2, 1910. Not only did they change the face of their industry but the skyline of America.

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Did You Know…. LED Lights Make Your Gems Sparkle

To get that perfectly set solitaire ring and delicate string of sapphires to fly off the shelves and onto the fingers, necks, and wrists of customers, jewelers know they must display them properly. This is why they are employing the power of LED lighting.

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Did you know…. Cork Flooring is on the Market Today because of Champagne?

Cork is one of the most eco-friendly flooring resources on today’s market, but before it was making a stylish, yet responsible, statement in your home it had a long storied past. Let us take you through the history of this popular resource and show you just how it got to be under your feet.

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